Legal Mechanics Unveils New HQ

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Yes, it is true. Legal Mechanics—the one-of-a-kind legal scholarship repair service—has closed its doors at its former location in sunny Hallandale Beach, a/k/a “that place with the big Pegasus statue,”and has moved to its new location in Hallandale Beach, a/k/a the City of Choice.


Yes, it is true. Legal Mechanics has moved, but it hasn’t moved far. But the new location has allowed for many new additions to make Legal Mechanics the #1 legal scholarship repair service on whatever list that possibly charts such things.

So, if you dare, please take a tour of the fascinating and amazing new Headquarters of Legal Mechanics.



Legal Mechanics Workshop

Legal Mechanics has all the tools necessary to quickly and accurately get any article, blog post, or book running smoothly. Or, in the Advanced Workshop, you can learn how to safely and satisfyingly burn your Bluebook, “burn all copies of [it], in its latest edition 560 pages of rubbish . . . .”



Legal Mechanix Pub and Grill

One of the enduring questions I had when I first decided to go to law school was, “What am I going to do with this tiki bar?” The answer, of course, was to create the Legal Mechanix Pub & Grill, a gathering hole for legal minds to discuss the law as it was meant to be discussed: over custom cocktails referencing my editing business.


Legal Mechanics Studios

The creative and innovative side of legal research; so cutting-edge, the technology for it hasn’t even been invented yet. Until then, Legal Mechanics Studios will continue to test the limits of today’s technology to present legal research in ways it has never been seen before.

Legal Mechanics Museum of Legal Amazement

No, I have not turned my home into a single-donor museum, but I have begun a collection of incredible legal wonder. Come see legal memorabilia, artwork, and artifacts, including the world’s oldest-known gavel-axe.



Unfortunately, one cannot risk housing such valuable legal memorabilia without some security measures. Please note that there IS a guard dog on the premises and she is always on alert, so do be careful around the curtilage.


Yes, it is true. Legal Mechanics has moved. But lo . . . oh no, I seriously need to get back to some of these writing projects, so no time for a thoughtful conclusion. Hope to see some wonderful lawyers and scholars at the new Legal Mechanics HQ soon.