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@LawBlarg seeks to make legal arguments that are of use to legal scholars and of interest to everyone else. Nothing on this blarg should be considered legal advice.

@LawBlarg is an experiment in legal writing, an attempt to bridge the gap between print journals and blawgs. Like the word blarg–which can mean whatever you want it to mean–the law blarg is meant to be highly malleable. @LawBlarg has no concrete form; the corresponding articles are intended to be creative and personal while at the same time being informative and resourceful.

Authors are encouraged to present their arguments in unique forms or through the use of nontraditional elements that cannot be translated into print form (e.g., animated gifs, videos, interactive maps or graphs). Articles should be well-cited and lead the reader to the direct source the author is citing. The citation form is also malleable, as long as the reader is directed to the source.

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For more about the @LawBlarg concept, see the @LawBlarg FAQ.

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